Wednesday 14 April 2010

Polish-Russian salad recipe

Food is like love to me - when I am happy and content, I express it with cooking and I enjoy every bite I eat. However, when I feel heartbroken and sad like now Jamie has gone, I view food almost with suspicion. It's not food's fault, of course, the way I am feeling now, and one day I am sure to realize this and food will coax its way back into my life, just like it always does. For now, though, I am not really eating. It's hard to blog too, but just then, as I was watching "Julie and Julia", for one short moment, I felt of pang of hope. So, I have paused the film and decided to tell you about the Polish-Russian salad we have on every special occasion at my parents' house, and we also had this Easter...

It's a bit of a tradition now, that my mum boils and peels all the vegetables and eggs before my arrival, and then I come home and chop everything very finely, add lots of mayo and smother the surface with more mayo,  before decorating it with slices of anything that we have lying around


2 hard boiled eggs
Boiled parsnip
2 boiled carrots
Boiled celery root
Fresh leek
Drained tin of peas
3-4 gherkins
Jar of mayo
Teaspoon mustard
Salt and pepper
1 teaspoon sugar
Stuff for decorating (e.g. parsley)

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