Sunday 30 May 2010

Korean-style teriyaki mackerel

This is not your typical teriyaki marinade, as it's not Japanese. I learnt it from my Korean friend, Cat, about 10 years ago, and she got the recipe from her mum. It has now not only become part of my repertoire but also been passed on to others. My mate, Rob, now cooks it on a regular basis and apparently he's even won hearts with it. So it's pretty damn good. You can use various oily fish with it - salmon works well - but I like to use local and sustainable fish, so i have taken to making it with mackerel. I ask the fishmonger to clean it up for me, so I get two filets, like this


Mackerel fillets
Aprox 50 ml sesame oil
Aprox 50 ml soya sauce
1 tablespoon honey
Ginger (about 2 inch chunk, peeled and chopped)
2-4 garlic cloves

Broccoli or any other greens for stir frying

First blend the soya sauce, sesame oil, honey, with 1 chopped garlic clove and ginger. Cut the fillets into chunks and cover in the marinade. Leave this in the fridge for between 2-4 hours. If you only have half an hour, then that will do too. Once you are ready to eat, push the rice on (I often pop something in there to give the rice extra flavour, with this I added a couple of garlic cloves), and give it ten minutes before you start frying the fish. Fry it skin down first, it doesn't need any extra oil. Give it about 5 minutes on this side, spooning on more marinade every minute or so to create a sauce. Then turn the fish over and start on the stir fry. I fried chopped garlic on the hot wok in some sesame oil, then added the broccoli, and stir fried for about 5 minutes. Et voila! You won't get a picture, as I messed it up, but trust me, it looked great. And it's also really good served with roast veg

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