Sunday 17 October 2010

My favourite restaurant in London's China Town (New World)

Just a quickie today to mention my favourite restaurant in China Town. New World is hidden down a side street off the main drag (Gerrard Place), but it's worth the (tiny) detour. It's definitely not the slickest of the lot and you will most likely need to ask for the chilli oil and the bill about three times before you actually get anything, however, the food's amazing, and it makes you feel like you're in Hong Kong, which is always a good thing

I came here with the lovely Anna before a night out in Soho, and we ate spicy king prawns, duck in black bean sauce, crispy prawn dumplings, barbeque pork puffs and pea shoots with garlic. The pea shoots are not on the menu, but worth going off-piste for. You may need to explain what they look like, in which case, see above - they're the ones right in the middle of the table. We washed everything down with Chinese tea and Tiger beer. During the day, the waiters go round with trays full of food and you just pick whatever you fancy, which is infinitely more fun than just choosing from a menu. And it's also one to remember after an evening at the pub, as it's open until midnight every single day of the week

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