Sunday 15 May 2011

A very special beans on toast

What an amazing, wild Saturday night I had last weekend. And, boy did I pay for it. In short, lets just say that it's been a long week, and there was only one thing for it - beans on toast. I believe this to be one of life's undervalued little gems. It's healthy, comforting and with oh-so-many variations. I made a great one today, with cherry tomatoes, my mum's meatballs, parmesan and peri-peri-sauce. I fried the little tomatoes in olive oil until they sizzled, then added the tin of baked beans. The meatballs I cut into fine strips and dry fried for a few minutes, before adding to the rest. I finished it off with grated parmesan and peri-peri for the extra kick. Other great combos include garlic, chillies and coriander, and crispy bacon and onion bits

Being a bit of a bitch this week has it's advantages - I have sorted out many issues, which normally I lack the energy, will and heart to even think about. For example, I made an insurance company that was asking me for £300, apologize and give me money instead (in case you are wondering how it's done - you simply keep cool and friendly while calmly raising the stakes every time you hear something you don't like). I guess it's good to come out of my bubble sometimes and see the world for what it really is. But a week is enough, thank you

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