Tuesday 9 April 2013

Salmiakki: Finnish sweet'n'salty chocolates

Since going on my diet a week ago (all I'm doing is not eating sugar or processed foods really), I have had to deal with temptation in many guises. First, Petey tempts me with a Snickers late at night because I may be tired of dieting (thanks Petey), then my friend at work waves Nordic chocolates about in front of me (I actually took one, then gave it back)... but the worst by far was the charity bake sale yesterday. Everywhere I went, the bake sale followed me, finally settling right in my field of vision for the rest of the day, the multi-coloured cakes all winking at me, free now. Still, I resisted. Before going over to my friend, Astrid's, house for dinner, I actually texted and asked her to please not offer me any pudding. She very kindly made a delicious sugar-free semi-fredo instead. Yet when it came to these, I could resist no longer.
They are Finnish chocolates with salty liquorish on the inside. Salty liquorish is one of my favourite things in the world by the way. And since eating this incredible pecan pie, closely followed by salty caramel frozen yoghurt in New York, I can't get enough of those two flavours together: salty'n'sweet, sweet'n'salty: it's just the best combination and I can't believe I only truly discovered my love of it a couple of months ago. So the moral of today's blog is this: Sometimes it's worth breaking your own rules for a taste of the unknown, and if you ever go past a Finnish shop, go inside and ask for Salmiakki

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