Sunday 25 May 2014

Călușari Romanian wine

The Călușari are a secret society who are said to ward off dark magic through their dance. It's also the name of this Romanian wine you can buy here or in certain wine shops dotted around the UK
It's light-bodied yet full of dark flavour - the sort of tobacco and cherry notes you'd expect from a more full bodied wine. And well worth a try!
You can see how transparent it is up there, but on closer inspection you'd also notice a hint of violet round the edges, a note echoed in the aftertaste. I'm not a wine expert and this is the first time that I've tried a Romanian wine, yet I find it fascinating how a good wine can reflect it's country and culture. This one is vibrant and light, but also deep and melancholy, with a hint of magic... It just dawned on me as I was writing that sentence that a friend once described me in similar tones! The exact phrase was "chirpy, with a hint of melancholy". Perhaps this is why I love this wine

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