Sunday 7 March 2010

A great cheap bottle of wine

The lady at the wine fair called this her "10 o'clock wine", and she meant in the morning. Even though I have never drunk it at this time (and probably wouldn't admit it if I had), I know what she means. Although it is a full bodied tempranillo, it is also light and fruity red enough to drink with lunch. It's an every day wine, and we drink it almost every day. Of course, we try different wines now and again, but any red wine of the same price just doesn't do it. Jamie and I have completely different "wine tastes" - I love my light and fragrant pinot noirs and beaujolais while he's a fan of heavy smoky wines such as shiraz - yet this is one wine that we both love. Jamie, testing out his "wine speak", likes to say that "it leaps out of glass like a labrador puppy", and even though it sounds like rubbish, I think he's got a point - I defy anyone to not like this wine. It costs about £6.50, by the way, and we buy it from the City Beverage Company on Old St.

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