Monday 22 March 2010

Outsider Tart, Turnham Green

We were supposed to be house-sitting for a friend and looking after Bosley the Boston terrier for one night. But then me and Jamie fell out and I spent the whole weekend in a lovely house in Turnham Green. Thank God for this little cafe/deli...
It's a really friendly place which allows dogs and sells an assortment of delicious cakes, breads and other treats. It even sells three flavours of Marshmallow Fluff. If you don't know what this is then I won't tell you, lest you get hooked!

When I went they had coconut cake, ginger cake, cup cakes and pecan and toffee slices amongst other things. I tried the orange blossom cheese cake, which has a dark chocolate base to balance out the creamy cheesiness. That's the middle one you see up there, by the way

I basically lived off the gorgeous crusty bread all weekend (with plenty of red wine of course!), which reminded me of the bread you get in Poland, and made me feel a little nostalgic for my childhood

The red velvet sandwich cake was perfect - rich and smooth and not too sweet

When Jamie turned up for crisis talks, we bought a picnic and went to Richmond, with Bosley. You can't really see the massiveness of the sweet pork sandwich on that photo - it really was very large. The pork was reminiscent of the BBQ pork you can get in Chinatown. The veggie roll below looked like it could be quite boring, but was full of flavour, with lots of vegetables, pine nuts and some kind of cheese - superb

I think my fantastic 3.2 megapixel camera managed to focus on everything apart from the actual roll I was trying to take a picture of, but nevermind. Before I blog off I will just share with you a photo of the lovely Bosley, who was such a good friend to me this weekend
Here he is! What a cutie, though I was flabbergasted by the smell that can come out of such a little fella! However, as a result of this unexpected development, we ended up going to Richmond rather than eating in the small cafe, which was a blessing. I have never been to Richmond and it's so incredibly beautiful

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