Thursday 19 August 2010

My favourite sandwich - avocado, cheese and red pepper

God, I deserve a holiday. And perhaps even a medal. Moving house is really hard. And I hate packing. And buying is extremely stressful. I have someone moving in literally on top of me on Saturday, and  anything could still potentially go wrong with the sale, leaving me homeless. On top of all this hassle, there's been work, which has been a bit challenging of late (this is a good thing, I know, but I'm tired), and we can't forget the emotional fallout from the disastrous break up of a five year relationship... I can't wait to be just that little bit too hot all the time, to stay up too late drinking wine and listening to crickets, then sleep in, knowing I have nothing to do on any particular day except read, eat, walk and swim. That's except on Wednesday, when I have to be very aggressive with some tomatoes. Yup, we're going to La Tomatina. I am just not sure how I feel about being covered head-to-toe in tomato pulp

There's been a few blogs recently that have talked about toast and sandwiches, so I decided to join the club, and share my favourite sandwich recipe with you. This was introduced to me by my friend, Simone, who's mum invented it. Now, the original is toasted, and that version is better on ciabatta. The one up there is rye bread with avocado, garlic salt (this is non-negotiable), gouda cheese and marinated peppers. Ideal for an easy work lunch, or snack, though you will get sticky fingers so it's best eaten away from the computer!

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