Sunday 12 February 2012

Crispy Quinoa Cakes

Quinoa cakes - what an amazing idea! I got it from this guy, who got it from this lady, who I imagine got it from... the Peruvians? Or perhaps the chain was even longer that that, no matter. These are different, as I adapted them to whatever I had on hand. I used no parmesan, yet added plenty of seeds, which I guess makes mine a bit healthier. But who cares about that anyway. I'd say just take the basic premise, then use whatever you've got. Just so you know, I didn't bother about poached eggs or pesto and ate them as they came - well, sprinkled with sea salt that's all  - for a light lunch, and they were delicious, although I imagine they would work well with other stuff too, like chutneys and pickles for instance. An incredibly versatile little recipe we've got here... just the way I like 'em

2 cups cooked quinoa
Handful shallots, chopped into small cubes
Handful of seeds (pumpkin and sunflower I used)
2 eggs, beaten lightly
Salt and pepper
2 tsp paprika
1/4 cup flour
Olive oil for frying

You may find it strange that I use the American measuring system of "cups", but the truth is I don't actually measure anything at all, and cups are easier to estimate by eye. I blame my gran who taught me this way: "a little bit of this, a bit more of that", and now I don't own a set of scales. But lets say that 1 cup is approximately 150g. So you allow the quinoa to cool a bit while prepping the rest of the ingredients. Heat the oil, while mixing everything together by hand, then when it's hot form little patties and place them straight on to the frying pan. Quickly, so that you don't burn yourself. If you're feeling nervous and/or hesitant, then don't do this. Use a spoon instead, then pat it down. Fry for about 3 minutes each side on a medium heat, or until golden, and place on a newspaper or kitchen towel when done. I prefer newspaper because it makes me feel connected to the world and to history. It makes me think of the days when fish and chips were rolled up in newspaper, and that makes it taste better 

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