Monday 19 March 2012

A sweet bean salad

Last week I understood why funerals were invented. For me it wasn't about saying goodbye, because my gran wasn't there anymore and I was lucky enough to be able to do that a few weeks ago. This is a time to show respect for the life of another human being that touched yours. There's a distance and a severity to it. Or perhaps that's just a Polish funeral. But it's important to be there, to be honest and not hide away - to "man-up" anotherwords. I was amazed at my mum's inner strength and her ability to give a meaningful speech, in which she captured the essence of Babcia Ziuta, her mother, a person who "took life as it came", showing warmth and kindness to everyone she met. At the wake we were much more cheerful, reminiscing about gran's life and exchanging memories. We ate bigos, schabowe and this delicious, sweet bean salad made by auntie Majewska

Red kidney beans
Mild hard cheese, cubed
Salt and white pepper

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