Wednesday 11 July 2012

Evans & Peel Detective Agency/ Cocktail Bar

It's been a sociable time for little old me recently, and I've discovered some cool new spots, which I would like to share with you (of course). Last night a few of us went to Evans & Peel. A small, old-fashioned door off the Earl's Court Road leads to a staircase and down to a proper old-school detective agency. Have your cover story ready!
Once you get past the guy on reception, you go through to a wonderful, 20s-style bar. As you can see from the quality of my photos, it's very atmospheric. You'll need to order a little bit of food, as that's something to do with their license. We ate a warm pretzel and a smoked cheesecake, washed down with exciting new twists on classic cocktails. It was quite expensive at £9.5 per drink, but no less than what you'd expect from this kind of classy joint

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