Sunday 5 August 2012

Keeping it real at FEAST Food Festival, London

I know I should be writing about Sardinian food right now, but yesterday I went to the FEAST food festival on St. Thomas' Street in London Bridge and it kind of changed things for me
I ate delicious Ceviche from The Last Days of Pisco, which reminded me how much I love the stuff and how simple it is to make
I also ate snails-on-a-stick and rabbit from Anchor & Hope, where my friend Petey works
And spiced lamb with hummus from Morito
The atmosphere was great, everyone smiling and chatting, like a proper festival without the messiness. We ate, we drank. My friend Petey suggested that we do something together, something life-changing. I said yes. I will reveal all once the project has wings, but I will give you a clue: it's nothing to do with babies. It's good to take your time with big decisions. They say that you only regret the things you didn't do, and not the things you did, but I beg to disagree. If you have my tendency to make rash decisions, then you'll know what I'm talking about - sometimes the timing is wrong, sometimes you can do things for the wrong reasons and other times it's just a plain, old bad idea. You need to know that you are really ready to commit to something before you actually do it and be sure that everything is as it should be. That doesn't mean being flakey and indecisive, as that's the other extreme and can be just as destructive, just keeping things in perspective. Oh, I think I have just inadvertently understood the meaning of the hip-hop phrase "keeping it real"

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