Tuesday 20 January 2015

The best of cheesymash: 10 favourite recipes, rediscovered

Just as our homes accumulate stuff, so does a blog. I try to spring clean my flat every year (the success rate varies), yet I haven't spring cleaned my blog for at least 3 years. So you can imagine that amongst all the stuff, I have long-lost some cherished recipes. This week, whilst working on a particular project, I was forced into some much-needed housekeeping. I'm glad, because decluttering always feels fantastic and I have found some precious, little food-gems I forgot I had... which brings me to the "best of cheesymash" list. Here's to hoping that you'll also find something of interest here. And yes, the list is in order of preference.

1. Rummy coconut cake with cream cheese lime icing - Because this is the best cake I have ever invented (and not just according to me)

2. Chilli con carne with chocolate - Because this is a truly brilliant innovation and chilli con carne will never be the same again

3. Cold sorrel soup - Because despite sitting in an ants' nest, this was a wonderful day, with both my grans, and this tangy, refreshing soup will always take me back there

4. Cava-poached amandes clams - Because these are victory clams and look how beautiful they are, the best of the British seaside

5. Superfood salad - Because I can't believe that I forgot about this amazing salad! Just look at it. I need to eat it now

6. Sweet potato "placki" - Again, the picture says it all. These are a fun take on a Polish classic

7. Herrings "pod shuboy" - Because as a Pole, I love herrings, and this is a herring cake essentially. It's also a dish that harks back to my roots (my grand-dad was from Russia) while at the same time evoking something long-gone and mysterious; the taste of another time

8. Spicy lentil salad - Because this salad reminds me of bluebell barbeques - sunny days surrounded by bluebells, yummy food and my favourite people

9. Yucatecan chicken soup - Because everyone needs a chicken soup in their lives and this is the best one in my opinion

10. Roasted-corn tortilla with British Asparagus and tabasco butter - Because I miss Spring and this perfectly balanced snack tastes like Spring to me

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