Monday 8 August 2011

My avoiding -the-riots spaghetti

As I am writing this, a helicopter is hovering right over my flat (at least it sounds like it) and gangs of youths are heading towards the main drag, while normal people are heading away. Being very close to Mare Street in Hackney is a bit disconcerting at a time like this, but I am eating such a delicious pasta dish, that I had to share it. I made up this sauce right now, so you could say that it's been inspired by the riots. Everyone needs a recipe like this for times of stress. And sadness too perhaps. I think it could help
I had some fish in the fridge from Eastbourne that I was meant to eat for dinner tonight, but who wants to eat fish during a riot? No, it had to be comforting spaghetti. And there's something so satisfying about the crunchiness of the seeds and green pepper in this sauce... Then the tabasco kick just to add an element of danger (but not really). I grilled the chopped green pepper and pumpkin seeds while the pasta was cooking, and warmed the tomato passata on the stove with the torn basil, garlic salt and pepper, then added the two together. Finally, I tossed the al dente spaghetti in it and finished off with some tabasco


Tomato passata
Fresh basil
Pumpkin seeds
Green pepper
Olive oil
Garlic salt
Black pepper

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