Monday 22 August 2011

Polish summery salad or cottage cheese, radishes and chives

I've been thinking about this Polish summery salad for a while now. It's been "following me", as they say back in the homeland. And even though I'm off to Poland at the end of the week, I couldn't wait. Besides, I make it in my own special, English way, using cottage cheese, and that's the way I like it

Cottage cheese

Just make sure that the chives and radishes are finely chopped. That's all. I was at a friend's BBQ the other day and her Polish boyfriend made this salad in the authentic way, using a combination of proper Polish, white cheese and yoghurt. It tastes a bit different to my version and has the consistency of a dip. But since I can't always get to a Polish shop, I've been making it like this for years, and now I'm not sure which one I prefer 

By the by, don't you think my photos are improving? I could still do with a better camera, and loads more practice, a bit of talent would be nice, but if you look at some of my earlier posts, you can really tell the difference! 

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