Sunday 20 June 2010

Brick Lane Farmers market and broad beans with bacon

I have decided to start following the Fife Diet. Luckily for me, this doesn't actually mean any form of dieting, but simply eating as much local produce as possible. I haven't ordered a veggie box just yet, but started off by going to a local farmers' market. Brick Lane farmers market opened just this month, so I decided to go check it out, and stock up. It's very small, though no doubt it will expand in time, but I managed to get a good supply of fruit and vegetables for the week, as well as a lovely organic burger for lunch, some jersey milk (Ok, so that's not very local, but it is incredibly delicious), and an earful from the Polish man who could not believe that I did not want to buy some pierogi and bigos for later, since I am Polish and everything...

When I got home, I made the rustic broad bean dish that you can see up there. It was dead simple, I just cooked the broad beans, and fried the bacon and onion separately. Then, I added some oregano to the crispy bacon and onion bits, and combined with the cooked broad beans. If you would like more precise instructions, you can see me making it here. Tomorrow, I will take the leftovers to work, and eat them cold on top of a bed of mixed salad leaves - can't wait!

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