Monday 18 April 2011

A few detox meal ideas

So these are the kind of things that I have been eating for the past week

That's some lightly smoked salmon with roast vegetable quinoa up there. I boiled the quinoa, and blanched the purple broccoli while the diced courgette and red pepper were roasting in the oven (with olive oil and chilli), adding the broccoli stalks to the rest of the vegetables for the last couple of minutes on high heat. The salmon was fried in some olive oil and served with a squeeze of lemon. This meal made me wonder why I don't just eat like this all the time - it's so easy and healthy

And here's my kale and mushroom bake. Sorry about the photo - I am still learning the art of taking good food pictures and my styling still clearly leaves much room for improvement. I blanched the kale and fried the mushrooms, then added the kale to the frying pan with a jar of chopped tomatoes, lots of fresh garlic, paprika and some garlic salt (my new BFF), and allowed to simmer for a bit. Finally, I put the whole thing in an oven-proof dish, cracked some eggs on top and baked in the oven until the whites were cooked, and the yolks runny - just how I like them

And here's some pak-choi with brown rice and smoked mackrel, in a tasty, citrusy broth. I stir-fried the pak-choi with garlic, chinese five spice and soya sauce, then added vegetable stock. Meanwhile, I cooked the rice, and grilled the mackrel (mainly the skin side so it would end up lovely and crispy) for about five minutes. I finished the whole lot with a generous squeeze of lemon. Can you see how big that bowl is? I think it may be a mixing bowl or a fruit bowl. It shows how much I can put away on one of my detoxes, and how little they have to do with fasting

And here's a guava, strawberry and oat milk smoothie, sweetened with honey - a nice breakfast idea!

As you can, see the detox has been going really well. That was until Saturday night came round and I got a little too friendly with a bottle, or three, of rose. The headache I had the next day was out of this world - I couldn't figure out if it's always like that, or if the that fact I'd been detoxing made it worse. Nevermind,  I forgave myself, took a paracetamol and put that episode - fun as it was - behind me. Now, I am back to detoxing until Easter

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