Sunday 15 January 2012

Food Landscapes

I came across this book at a friend's house and was immediately mesmerized by it. Food Landscapes - what? why? And yet...
These were a couple of my favourites. I mean, a salmon sea at sunset - genius. And that little house down there surrounded by broccoli I actually want to live in. But there were so many of them: a meaty wild west; a vegetable-heavy London skyline... It was a seriously massive project. I wish I'd read more about the logistics of it, what I do remember is that it was extremely time-consuming, although clearly you have to also be careful about certain food products going off
 It just goes to show that the weirdest, most unlikely ideas can be amazing if you feel passionate about what you're doing 
We all get brilliant ideas, but putting them into practice is another thing altogether and it's inspiring to see someone take such an strange idea all the way and see it through from start to finish

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