Sunday 24 March 2013

Sweet potato and sweetcorn patties aka What to do with last night's mash

The Winter refuses to give way to Spring. It has outstayed it's welcome in the most appalling way here in London. On days like this I can't help but reflect on the passing of time, going through sunny, old photos on facebook, feeling older than I am. I listened to this recording of Sylvia Plath about five times this morning while staring out of my front window at the street - Hackney at it's bleakest. I wasn't being dramatic, it just takes me a while to fully understand poetry, to feel through the words and into the truth that it lays out in front of me. The poetry and the view out of my window just happened to complement one another, and my mood. At least a few ravers pepper this sad street with some bright flashes of lipstick and their determination to have fun. Inspired by the party-goers, I finally decided to cheer myself up with these colourful sweet potato cakes, made from last night's mash
I took the cold sweet potato mash (sweet potatoes, butter and salt), added some sweetcorn, a seed mix (any seeds or nuts you have lying around), some Carribean curry powder and chilli sauce. I then mixed in some flour and an egg and formed it into sticky little balls. I fried these until they were brown and crispy on all both sides, in plenty of oil. At one point, the sweetcorn started popping on the pan, which made me smile and say "yay!". Some things are just fun to cook, little ravers of the food world. I ate these with marinated red peppers

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