Friday 5 April 2013

Croatian red wine - Plavac Mali

As I get older I really start to appreciate good wines. Not in a superior "look-at-how- sophisticated- I- am" kind of way, more in a natural " I-just-know-what's-good-now" way. Like with men. And this Croatian wine, it's really good. If you ever see a donkey like that down there, laden with bags, on a bottle of wine, I recommend you buy it
This wine is made from the Plavac Mali grape, which grows solely in Croatia, yet related to the South Italian "Primitivo". In my own, weird understanding of this world, this is the Tom Hardy of wine.  It's primal yet elegant; animalistic (farmyard in wine speak) yet sophisticated. Certainly not for people in search of conventional happy endings, but every sip will be interesting. Truly, my kind of wine

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