Sunday 31 July 2011

A few veggie things...

I love meat. I also love animals. So when I see images like I did the other day from Elmkirk abattoir, it causes me a massive amount of stress and conflict. What to do? I tried to find out where they supply to, hoping to boycott their meat, but since I couldn't find that information, I realized that this kind of thing is probably more widespread that we'd like to imagine. Of course, you can always choose to sweep things under the carpet and simply not think about anything that makes you unhappy. But this is not an option for me anymore (I wish it never had been). I'm at a point in my life where I am choosing to think about all the things that are difficult for me to think about, in order to find genuine peace and contentment, instead of falling for the fake version. Fighting the good fight, and all that. A natural conclusion is to become vegetarian, and yet that doesn't feel right to me either. Many vegetarians tell me that they do it for ethical reasons but that they never liked meat that much anyway. Well, I really, really do - I mean, I love game, offal, black pudding, steak tartar, everything - the meatier and bloodier, the better. Someone who has always wanted to be a vampire can't just become vegetarian without sacrificing their sense personal freedom and general happiness. I could, therefore, limit myself to meat from safe sources. The only problem with this is trust. It's difficult to trust people, and yet if you don't trust anyone, then where do you end up? In a state of apathy, at a guess. Eating meat from supermarkets again, supporting what you find abhorrent. Therefore, I needed to make an informed decision. I have read all about Ginger Pig and have chosen to put my faith in them. I have one nearby, in Hackney, so this is where I will get my entire meat supply, once a week. And because they're more expensive than the supermarket, I will just eat a bit less of it. If I am too hungover or busy to do bespoke food shopping at the weekend, I will simply abstain from meat until I can go. And being veggie for a week is nice too. As much as I couldn't give up meat forever, I don't feel like I'm missing out if I don't have it for a few days. I can just eat sexy veggie food like this...
... buffalo mozzarella, with roasted cherry tomatoes and basil (with olive oil, garlic salt and black pepper) and fresh rye bread from here
Or bulghur and quinoa grains with mushrooms (mainly shitake) fried in sesame oil and soya sauce (and garlic salt of course!), finished off with tabasco and some natural yoghurt on the side
Or my favourite hangover food - al dente spaghetti, with tomato passata, chilli and basil (and, you guessed it, garlic salt). Perhaps garlic salt is the secret to actually becoming a vegetarian... Anyway, despite being completely committed to my new, meaty resolution, I refuse to impose it on other people. I don't want to be a nightmare guest or fussy diner, so when I go out to a restaurant or to friends' houses for dinner, I will, as ever, be grateful for anything that's put in front of me

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