Tuesday 6 March 2012

Gourmet San on Bethnal Green Road

Ok, there is no way I can spin this to make it seem like a part of my detox. But in my defense, when someone invites you to dinner at Gourmet San, you don't refuse
Especially if they're one of your best friends and a Hong Kong national, who knows exactly what to order. Not that this is HK cuisine, this is Sichuan and there is nothing else like this in the whole of London
The menu is extensive, so you need reliable tip offs. My favourite thing on the menu, and perhaps my  favourite Chinese dish of all time even, is thousand year eggs with tofu. Don't worry they're not really that old. But they are green

We also had lamb with cumin, Japanese tofu with prawns and some greens (Chinese broccoli with scallion I believe it was), all washed down with tea. See, no alcohol, no pudding, so I haven't veered too far off-course 
I can't tell you how much it cost as it was a treat, but Gourmet San isn't expensive. It's a dispensable paper tablecloths and super quick service kind of a place, with fantastic authentic Sichuan food. Perfect for a mid-week catch up with your mates

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