Sunday 11 March 2012

My Babcia Ziuta

I would love to tell you about the dinner of Polish tapas (przekaski) I made on Friday night, the little potato cakes, spicy beetroot salad and Polish cauliflower in breadcrumbs, the vodka poached pears which set the pan on fire and Tommy bravely blew out... it was a great evening with lovely people and I will share all those recipes with you shortly. But today I found out that my darling grandma Ziuta has passed away. I am devastated because my life will be empty without her, and yet I know that she wanted to go. When I went to see her in hospital in Poland two weeks ago, she told me that she loved me but wanted to go and be with God, and asked me to pray for this. I'm so sad that I won't see her this Summer making Chlodnik or sorting through the sorrel. She was the warmest, sweetest person I have ever known and I have a feeling that I will miss her more and more as time goes on, but I'm also glad that she isn't suffering anymore and that she is where she wanted to be. She is the one laughing on the right for those of you that didn't know her


  1. kochanie bardzo mi przykro!!! sciskam cie mocno,
    to byla cudowna i ciepla osoba!! my wlasnie przechodzimy z Pawlem podobne chwile:((( jeszcze raz przytulam cie mocno!!

  2. thanks honey, and sorry for your loss too xx