Wednesday 18 April 2012

Classic with a twist in Lanzarote - a restaurant recommendation

Having read my last blog post, a friend said that if they were Lanzarote they would feel hurt, which made me feel sad for the poor, bleak little island. The truth is that I had a brilliant holiday with my family, it's just the landscape was not to my taste. The holiday itself was a gift - swimming in the sea every day, working hard on that vitamin D deficiency, playing tennis, hiking across the barren hills, eating lots of fruit, vegetables and fish. All of this before starting the new job that I've been waiting for. Spring has brought me gifts, and I'm feeling very lucky and happy right now
One of the highlights of the Lanzarote trip was dinner here - El Mirador at the edge of the Marina in Playa Blanca. You could easily come here just for the views and atmosphere. Then it turns out that the food is world-class and you have yourself the perfect couple of hours watching the sun set over the sea while trying all sorts of delicious morsels. Here, you get classic dishes cooked with plenty of imagination. For example, black pudding with apple came in sweet dumpling form, sprinkled with icing sugar. Next to it are the cod balls, also tasty but not any competition for the black pudding dumplings, which are one of those dishes I will remember for the rest of my life. I'm not exaggerating
Another stand-out dish - my mum's prawn and mushroom risotto had an interesting flavour to it, which I guessed to be orange blossom water. I have no idea if my guess was correct or not, as the English speaking waiter was nowhere to be seen at this point, so I couldn't ask
The restaurant focuses on tapas and rice dishes, so it's not typical Canarian food. We weren't given the red and green mojo sauces for example, which are a staple everywhere you go around these parts. And no shriveled potatoes either (I'm not being unkind, that's really what they're called). It's not a cheap place, as you can imagine, but neither is it incredibly expensive (a meal for four with tip and drinks came to 135 Euros). The family who own this place hail from Barcelona, so you can imagine the style - sophisticated and slightly avante-garde. Not my kind of island but definitely my kind of restaurant

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