Sunday 1 April 2012

Red Amaranth with bonito flakes

I was killing some time in an Asian supermarket yesterday, and came across some pretty purple leaves called "red amaranth". Luckily, there was a description of what to do with them - the Chinese use red amaranth as a vegetable in stir-fries, whereas the Vietnamese make soups out of it. But I wanted to go for a more Japanese flavour...
So I stir-fried it with garlic and Japanese Sukiyaki sauce, and served it with whole grain rice with bonito flakes on top. It was not only delicious but also incredibly good for you, so if you come across it, I urge you to not feel intimidated and just give it a pop
Don't you just love Japanese packaging? That's the bonito flakes up there, which are basically silky little threads of dried tuna. Delicious on top of everything. Apart from puddings perhaps
And the Sukiyaki sauce is a blend of soya sauce and red wine with a few other little things chucked to make it super tasty. Every time I go into an Asian supermarket I always discover something new!

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