Saturday 19 May 2012

Garlicky red amaranth with fermented bean curd

Today was the day for my monthly Vietnamese shop experiment. Red amaranth I discovered last time. Although this time it was a lot more red when cooked with the same sauce as before, perhaps because I stir-fried it for longer... the colour was fantastic
I fried some garlic first in sesame oil, then added a cube of fermented bean curd and finally the red amaranth. I added the Sukiyaki sauce near the end of the cooking time. I also cooked the brown rice with garlic and then mashed the soft cloves into the stir fry
It's difficult to definite what the white fermented bean curd actually brought to the party, but the end dish was incredibly flavoursome. Perhaps it was that subtle dash of umami that brought it all together, balanced it out and made it just that little bit better than before...

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