Thursday 17 May 2012

Nutty grain and vegetable salad from M&S

As a rule, I prefer to make my food from scratch. If I didn't, then I probably wouldn't be here (writing my blog, I mean, not as in I wouldn't exist). However, rules always have an exception, right? So after a long day, 3 cakes and lots of stuff still do, I sometimes like to buy myself a salad from Marks&Sparks. It used to be the Super-grain salad in a handy pot - it was fruity, had about 10 different grains in it and perked me up in many a situation. But I think they may have discontinued it, as I haven't seen it for a long time now. I find it extremely annoying when supermarkets discontinue my favourite things, so I haven't been back there for a few months, but today I forgave M&S, and was rewarded in return...
...with the Nutty Grain and Vegetable Salad with a soy and vinegar dressing. Beautiful. Thank you M&S

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