Tuesday 12 June 2012

Butter beans with majoram and tomato aka "Brittany-style beans"

I have just returned from a short stay in Belgrade, which I will tell you all about as soon as I've had a moment to digest it all. It's one of those places that stays with you, and despite the short amount of time I spent there, I feel like I have brought a bit of it back with me. I feel more romantic, more emotionally honest and more chilled out about time. But before Belgrade, I had to take my baby, Coco (that's my cat to those of you who don't know us personally), to her grandparents house, and this is where we made butter beans beans "Brittany-style". They are, of course, Polish-style, for as you know the Poles have strange ways of naming things, which are sometimes relevant to where the dish came from and sometimes not relevant at all. I'm afraid that I don't know which one of the above the "Brittany-style beans" are... They are, nevertheless, one of mine and my dad's favourite dishes. What's in a name when something tastes this sweet

Butter beans (2 tins)
Chopped tomatoes (1 tin)

Fry the the chopped onion and bacon bits for a few minutes. Add plenty of majoram - don't be shy - and some paprika, perhaps a teaspoon. Once they're all glossy, add the tin of chopped tomatoes and the drained butter beans. Cook for a further 20-30min all together. You can eat this with warm crusty bread, or with your dinner as we did. You can see it up there with some mashed potatoes, beetroot and a duck's bottom. I've just realized that I'm probably being weird again - by duck's bottom I mean not the actual bum, just the sort-of-tail-bit at the end of the body, attached, of course by it's very nature, to the bum. Am I the only one?

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