Wednesday 13 June 2012

The new detox rules

If you are looking for a detox where an Absinthe cocktail on the second day is allowed and you don't need to spend two weeks miserably brewing herbal infusions while your friends go out and have fun, then you've come to the right blog. My detoxes having been getting more and more relaxed over the years until finally we've come to this - Absinthe on the second day. I simply refuse to give up my life just because I want to get myself back on the healthy wagon, it's too short. So these are the new detox rules

Eat oats with fruit, yoghurt and honey for breakfast
Have 2 Nakd bars as snacks throughout the day
Eat various vegetables and grains for lunch
Eat Fish/Turkey and vegetables for dinner
Enjoy 1 alcoholic drink every 2-3 days
Drink 1 small coffee a day 
Drink as much Japanese roasted twig tea and green tea as you can
Avoid all processed sugar and foods
Snack on fruit, nuts and vegetables
Eat goat's cheese only 
Drink a glass of pomegranate juice daily
Take selenium (100 micrograms)
Meditate and Stretch every day
Walk in the fresh air
Bathe with tree tree oil and sea salt
De-clutter your living space
Do your paperwork

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